Terms of service

Happy Healthy Inc Terms of Service continue to evolve.

We are attemping to provide a Happy Healthy experience. We are initially charging $1 per month. We will endeavor to provide materials and experiences that may contribute to your Happy Healthiness. We are trying to resist spammers that will cause the site to overload the server and make the site available to no one. That is usually an animated bot attempting to get one in a million sales of Oakley fake sunglasses, handbags or rolex watches. That is part of the fee request, they are not likely to have a valid debit card. If they do breach the site we will offer a "Classifieds Ad" section and ask them to confine themselves. We are asking you to monitor your own behavior. We will not restrict children although we would certainly expect an adult to join and monitor their minors. We will delete materials and ban membership that we in our judgement or inclination feel would be derisive, legitimately offensive or not to our liking. We will assume no liability for such behaviors and maintain it is our right to operate the site according to our values. If you have an objection contact us in a reasonable fashion. We will endeavor to improve as we go.