Acupressure results coming available - remarkable initial response!

After administering traditional Chinese medical acupressure, applying techniques of a physician practicing traditionally with warmth, and making direct instruction of altering your perceptions to enhance your sense of wellness and pain relief, Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D. has discovered some remarkable success. Individuals subjected to the procedure following an initial two-hour session leave expressing feelings of wellness, reduced pain and/or increased vigor.

The Latrobe Enterprise

Happy Healthy Inc is attempting to revive The Latrobe Enterprise, a going Latrobe concern from 1885 through 1893. Founded by John Couchenour, the paper sold for $1 per year which was considered as a possibly prohibitive price for such a weekly publication. The Enterprise folded after it's eight years of successful effort. Request a free email copy of the first revived issue at We hope you enjoy! :)

Qi Gong - An ancient response!

Latrobe Fridays beginning Feb. 20 1:30pm  4 Weeks  $10 per session 8 Classic Qi Gong Stretching Position Postures Deep Abdominal Breathing - inhale, stomach out, exhale, stomach in (Even this simple suggestion positively impacts health.)

Acupressure Training - Live Virtual Classroom

Chinese Meridian Acupressure Sessions on Live Virtual Classroom Fridays from 1:30 to 2:30 beginning November 7. Cost per session is $10 for one individual and $5 for additional individuals at the same computer location. Get a group at your home or office and get Happy Healthy together! Attend on-line or at Mountain Palace. Schedule: November 7 - Acupressure points and anxiety     November 14 - Acupressure points and depression     November 28 - Acupre…

Mental Health Considerations by Happy Healthy Inc - Live Virtual Classroom On-line

Happy Healthy Inc is offering a FREE online Live Virtual Classroom to the first 22 people who show. Discussion will include DSM-4 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - 4 by the American Psychiatric Association. Clay Shirey, M.A. will host and begin discussion. Class is open to all aspiring Happy Healthies who have any issues regarding the realm of mental health, mental retardation, personality disorder, etc. Come check it out, it's our first such effort. Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 7:0…

Latrobe Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise & Acupressure Sessions Coming August 1

Happy Healthy Inc will begin offering Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise and Acupressure training in Latrobe on Fridays at 12:00 August 1. The sessions will be in the Olde Main Building at 350 Main Street. Anyone interested in ordering frozen home made northern Chinese dumplings can call 724 288-3872 or email in advance to make arrangements.

Happy Healthy Status

Happy Healthy is trying to acquire Silver Sneaker Flex Status Initial communications are attempting designation as Flex sites.