State of the Union

Happy healthy Inc is busy preparing the opening of its Qi Gong Fitness Center. It is located behind Mountain Palace Eatery at 111 Creek Road, Bolivar, Pennsylvania. Good luck finding us! We are attempting to provide some Happy Healthy approaches to living your life. If you're not interested, have a nice day! Otherwise, let's get it on. We have obviously been remiss in regard to dealing with our lives as well as our universe.

Qi Gong Fitness is for everyone! It is being developed by a 65-year-old individual who is painfully aware of his shortcomings. Out of shape, too many bad habits for too long, and a bad attitude in addition to laziness. So how will we get in shape? I think it may be not so hard if we would make some effort to keep such things occasionally in mind. We will develop Happy Healthiness to the best of our lazy natures. With a few guidelines, minutes per day, or week, or whatever, we will progress. We will attempt to learn and follow some new old things. Things our fore bearers assumed during their "normal" days. I'm pretty sure they also commented on "what's the world coming to" and the rest of the seemingly overwhelming troubles of existence. They also thought they were lucky to not fear saber-toothed tigers and such when they exited their abodes. "At least we don't have to worry about tigers." I'm so lucky to live in such times."

Qi Gong Fitness is a simple program. Do everything you need to do, and think Happy Healthy as you do it. Look for ways to stretch your back, walk a few more steps and, perhaps, clean something up or improve it. Listen to an old song or look at a photo of long lost loved ones. It's pretty easy! So I will leave you with that, a blog entry to you. Give us a comment, if you can find us! :)