Professor Honeydew's Mental Health Concerns

Honeydew is concerned again. Beyond the grandiose thinking, concerns about his spelling ability, and in view of the events around his universe, he is once again in rough shape. "What should I do," he asks himself? "I don't know," he answers, "perhaps I should start with another smoke." So that's it then, the first installment of Honeydew's Concerns. It's the beginning of a new series on Happy Healthy Inc that is sure to please and entertain. It could even be beneficial. On-line DSM-4 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health discussion. September 4, 2014 7:00PM Eastern Time. Our first free on-line LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TRAINING. FREE to the first 22!
  • Clay Shirey
    Clay Shirey
    Honeydew is beginning to sound a bit paranoid Smile
  • Joel Neatrour
    Joel Neatrour
    Honeydew requests topic for the first discussion of the DSM-4: Passive-Aggressive Behavior.