The Phenomena of Mountain Palace and What it Means to be Happy Healthy

You may or may not be aware that there is a phenomenon of sorts taking place on a weekly basis at the Mountain Palace restaurant. Week after week and month after month, rich life experience and interesting conversation descends upon the restaurant, bringing a colorful array of people and personalities along for the ride. Apparently, a trip to Mountain Palace is not just another evening out – it's an EVENT. Notice my use of capital letters for emphasis. People come to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, family reunions, holidays, and any number of other occasions both typical and atypical, often bringing out-of-town relatives and friends along just to have the experience. And all this takes place in the most unlikely of settings: the very rural, very off-the-beaten-path locale of Bolivar, Pennsylvania. But what impresses me the most is that nearly everyone who walks through the door is, quite literally, thrilled to be there.

Lacy and Clay have created something quite extraordinary. For anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing the restaurant and seeing the two of them at work, it is obvious that they have something very valuable to teach. Those who have been lucky enough to taste the food have learned that healthy meals don’t have to be bland and boring. And those who are privileged to call Lacy and Clay friends have witnessed firsthand what imagination, courage, hard work, tenacity and – most importantly – cooperation can accomplish.

Happy Healthy is about more than just eating well and exercising. It is about caring for others and living conscientiously. It is also contagious. Get involved! I promise you that what happens will be as unexpected as it is worthwhile.