CEO Happy Healthy Inc files first Speechless blog entry on behalf of President Lingzhi Cai.
Dear Folks, Please check this website and provide us some feedback. We are short on the content that we hope to present on www.happyhealthyclub.net. I am concerned that the site is not ready as we have not finished training materials on Chinese Meridian System with its 12 channels relative to acupressure. We are, however, at the point we are about to implement membership payment. We are also uncertain about pricing.

We do have currently a 30-second juggling instruction video as well as our 2-minute video application for a Pitt Innovation Challenge grant for diabetes intervention, some traditional Chinese medical exercise, and an intro to the Meridian System in Power Point presentation format. Some of the future materials should hopefully contain information that may bring some degree of happiness/healthiness to some people. Although we will never suggest that we offer "medical cures," we do believe personally that the food content and Meridian System information should be of some benefit to at least some individuals. All of this will depend on its utilization by real people and our ability to provide meaningful materials. We will work on development of such materials as best we can. We also plan to address mental health and behavior analytic subject matter along with aspects of self-esteem and whatever else may seem to have potential to advance the mission. If you are part of this mission, please participate.

So what about "Speechless?" It is a concept we are attempting to incorporate on the Club site. Many moments, especially more recently, seem to leave one "speechless." We feel it reflects perhaps many things, and that communication of such may be behaviorally or emotionally healthy. So speechless could involve going through prolonged hassles with your cell phone provider, when you have to go outside away from your house in the rain to attempt to send a text message. Then when the "company" fails to show up to verify you have weakened signal, they bill you double for changing providers in effort to get a usable signal. I think you get the idea. We keep having seeming more and more moments like this, to the point it seems a part of our evolution as a species. So stick with it, take the "speechless" and post it here if it helps you feel better.

We very much hope you enjoy our site! We will be doing what we can to try to get it worthy of your attention.

Clay Shirey, CEO for President Lingzhi Cai