Lamb Soup for the Soul

Christmas - Late 1950's
So having the privilege of writing the first "Lamb Soup for the Soul" entry in the fledging Happy Healthy Club website is quite an honor and responsibility. I hope it may be enjoyed.
The scene is late 1950's in Latrobe, Pennsylvania approaching Christmas. Some months before the magical day, in a Gatling's Auto Store on Main Street, appeared a magical bicycle. It was so cool! An English racer as they were called, a 26-inch three speed bike with chrome fenders and a chrome air pump attached to its support bar. It had a black leather carry pack mounted behind its narrow seat. It also had a headlight that operated from a generator that could be engaged to press against the rear wheel rim. Timothy looked at it in awe. What a wonderful machine!
Many trips were made walking up and down Main Street following the initial sighting. Timothy always looked in the window to view the incredible bike. As Christmas approached, the season was filled with its wonder and beauty. Preparing for the Christmas program at Second Ward School, singing carols in the huge hallway for all of the mothers attending. Finally the big day of selecting the Christmas tree, Mother insisting every tree for sale in Latrobe had to be stood up and viewed. Mother looking for a beautiful shape and Dad looking for a straight trunk. The proper tree is ultimately selected, usually the first one that had been looked at. Then Dad's opportunity to get the tree erected, usually hitting his thumb with a hammer pounding wooden stakes into the concrete block to support the trunk. So the tree gets erected and decorated, Mother insisting each piece of tinsel be placed individually in the proper place on the tree.
It's finally Christmas Eve. The excitement is pressing. Ultimately to bed with the annual effort to get to sleep so it can finally be Christmas Day. Timothy thinks as he does every Christmas Eve, fighting to get to sleep, "if I lie here long enough sleep will finally come."
It's Christmas! Heading down the stairs now to see what Santa may have brought. The magical bike is sitting in the living room next to the Christmas tree in all of its beauty and wonder. Timothy is shocked and bordering on disbelief. What a most wonderful Christmas moment!
So in decades following the magical gift, Timothy remembers it from time to time. Always thinking of the decision the parents made to get such a gift that was no doubt a bit of a financial challenge. He thinks of his father who may have stood some extra hours in front of a massive hammer working heated steel to see the look on the face of a young boy who was so totally happily surprised on a Christmas morning.