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The signals of cheating in women mentioned Cheap Sexy Lingerie above may point out cheating provided that they may be seen instantly. They are not merely cute underwear or flexible bras. Becoming large will not imply you need to put on maternal bras or boxer briefs and feel as if a jetzt. If that's not adequate to attract you, all of us additionally frequently mark straight down sexy underwear 'which includes thongs, son shorts, G-strings and different sexy s…
Clay Shirey

What happened? :)

So, having just found my coffee cup in the microwave, I can now Qi Gong. Mother, see me spin! Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D. announced today the implementation component of Happy Healthy Inc. We have left our CEO sit by himself through the ravage of winter. Now he jumps up, screams "hoorah." The stuff is together and ready for implementation." ///Has it been a trip through the DSM-5 again, with all of its confusion. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Sounds like a winner!
Clay Shirey

State of the Union

Happy healthy Inc is busy preparing the opening of its Qi Gong Fitness Center. It is located behind Mountain Palace Eatery at 111 Creek Road, Bolivar, Pennsylvania. Good luck finding us! We are attempting to provide some Happy Healthy approaches to living your life. If you're not interested, have a nice day! Otherwise, let's get it on. We have obviously been remiss in regard to dealing with our lives as well as our universe. Qi Gong Fitness is for everyone! It is being developed by a 6…
Clay Shirey

Professor Honeydew's Mental Health Concerns

Honeydew is concerned again. Beyond the grandiose thinking, concerns about his spelling ability, and in view of the events around his universe, he is once again in rough shape. "What should I do," he asks himself? "I don't know," he answers, "perhaps I should start with another smoke." So that's it then, the first installment of Honeydew's Concerns. It's the beginning of a new series on Happy Healthy Inc that is sure to please and entertain. It c…
Joel Neatrour

The Phenomena of Mountain Palace and What it Means to be Happy Healthy

You may or may not be aware that there is a phenomenon of sorts taking place on a weekly basis at the Mountain Palace restaurant. Week after week and month after month, rich life experience and interesting conversation descends upon the restaurant, bringing a colorful array of people and personalities along for the ride. Apparently, a trip to Mountain Palace is not just another evening out – it's an EVENT. Notice my use of capital letters for emphasis. People come to celebrate birthda…
Joel Neatrour

If you hang around somewhere long enough…..

Those who are new to Happy Healthy Club may not be aware of its affiliation with a very unique restaurant called the Mountain Palace ( It is owned and operated by Lacy Cai and Clay Shirey. The story behind Mountain Palace is as unique as the restaurant itself, and every patron has a story to tell. What follows is my story. Mountain Palace sprang up in my neighborhood one summer, taking me, my family and all my close friends quite by surprise. There were rumblings…
Lacy Cai


CEO Happy Healthy Inc files first Speechless blog entry on behalf of President Lingzhi Cai. Dear Folks, Please check this website and provide us some feedback. We are short on the content that we hope to present on I am concerned that the site is not ready as we have not finished training materials on Chinese Meridian System with its 12 channels relative to acupressure. We are, however, at the point we are about to implement membership payment. We are also uncertain abo…
Timothy Cs

Lamb Soup for the Soul

Christmas - Late 1950's So having the privilege of writing the first "Lamb Soup for the Soul" entry in the fledging Happy Healthy Club website is quite an honor and responsibility. I hope it may be enjoyed. The scene is late 1950's in Latrobe, Pennsylvania approaching Christmas. Some months before the magical day, in a Gatling's Auto Store on Main Street, appeared a magical bicycle. It was so cool! An English racer as they were called, a 26-inch three speed bike with chr…
Clay Shirey

Happy Healthy Inc

Happy Healthy Inc was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in March 2014 through the services of Legal Zoom, Inc. The purpose of the entity is to facilitate Happy Healthiness. We have operationalized a Live Virtual Classroom that can accommodate 25 individuals simultaneously in audio video fashion 24/7. We have created website as well as this " Happy Healthy Club" site. We applied for a Pitt Innovation Challenge grant for our two-minute video "Hap…