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New blogs

Clay Shirey

What happened? :)

So, having just found my coffee cup in the microwave, I can now Qi Gong. Mother, see me spin! Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D. announced today the implementation component of Happy Healthy Inc. We have left our CEO sit by himsel… »
Clay Shirey

State of the Union

Happy healthy Inc is busy preparing the opening of its Qi Gong Fitness Center. It is located behind Mountain Palace Eatery at 111 Creek Road, Bolivar, Pennsylvania. Good luck finding us! We are attempting to provide some… »
Clay Shirey

Professor Honeydew's Mental Health Concerns

Honeydew is concerned again. Beyond the grandiose thinking, concerns about his spelling ability, and in view of the events around his universe, he is once again in rough shape. "What should I do," he asks himse… »

Latest news

The Latrobe Enterprise

Happy Healthy Inc is attempting to revive The Latrobe Enterprise, a going Latrobe concern from 1885 through 1893. Founded by John Couchenour, the paper sold for $1 per year which was considered as a possibly prohibi… »

Qi Gong - An ancient response!

Latrobe Fridays beginning Feb. 20 1:30pm  4 Weeks  $10 per session 8 Classic Qi Gong Stretching Position Postures Deep Abdominal Breathing - inhale, stomach out, exhale, stomach in (Even this simple suggestion… »

Acupressure Training - Live Virtual Classroom

Chinese Meridian Acupressure Sessions on Live Virtual Classroom Fridays from 1:30 to 2:30 beginning November 7. Cost per session is $10 for one individual and $5 for additional individuals at the same computer location.… »

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